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On December 14, on occasion of the “Year of Consecrated Life”, in the Stampa Hall of the Vatican, Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, President of the CIVCSVA, presented the document “You are all brothers” on the identity and mission of the religious Brother in the Church.
Before an audience full of Religious Brothers and journalists of different media, it was presented the draft of the new document based on three parts:
1. The gift the Brother receives of God-Trinity, communion of people.
2. The gift that he shares with his Brothers in the fraternal life in community.
3. The gift that he offers for the construction of a wold of children of God and of brothers.

We welcome this document as a gift of the Church and express the desire to be for the vocation of Brother useful for being more known in the Church, and for the own Religious Brothers to live with more happiness our own vocation.

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