From July 4 to 14, 113 pilgrims from the Sa-Fa Family from Spain and Italy, from high school and first year of university, took their backpacks to travel the 156 km separating Abadin (Lugo) from Santiago de Compostela.

As pilgrims, the exterior road is a sign of an interior road that only God knows, travels with us and accompanies. With the exodus as a backdrop, God proposes an itinerary in which to experience his salvation, his Providence, his Covenant, his mercy. We experience a call to abandon our securities and strengthen our confidence, we see a vocation to follow the image of those yellow arrows that happened step by step open roads for us, and we sense that we are called not only to each one, but also as a community and family that advances hand in hand with a God who lives in the midst of his people.

Life is like a way in which God meets us. Good and happy journey, Sa-Fa Family!