The date of July 17, 2019, when the 38th General Chapter of the Brothers of the Holy Family will begin, is approaching.

10 Brothers by right, 15 Brothers Delegates of the Provinces, 2 Brothers invited by the General Administration and 3 Brothers of the Secretariat will attend this Chapter that will be celebrated in the Holy Family College of Valladolid. Also present during the first week will be 15 lay people representing the Provinces and the different sectors of the Sa-Fa Family.

Preparatory work is progressing well. More than 100 responses and reflections have been received to the Preparatory Worksheets of the different groups and individuals of the Sa-Fa Family, thank you very much for these contributions! The Brothers and Lay Capitulants can now see all the documents of study on a Web page proper to the Chapter.

When the Chapter begins, a space will be activated on this Website of the Institute that will link to all the information that will be offered by the Secretariat of the Chapter.

We invite everyone to follow this information, to ask for the Chapter with the proper Prayer that follows and to feel united to the whole Sa-Fa Family that will live this event as a grace of the Lord at this moment.