MOTTO 2021

“New roads, only one family” represents a roadmap and motivates us to promote together the Revitalisation, to live it in Community; in a year in which more than ever it was clear that change is the only constant and that the capacity to adapt, without losing the essential element, is the key to be able to move forward. The proposal of the motto, in this formulation, becomes very current and contextualises the moment we are living in, which opens us up to new challenges. The schools, the teachers, the families and the whole Sa-Fa Community needed to reinvent themselves, to walk along new paths, to give continuity to the Mission and the Charism of the Sa-Fa Family.  At all times, the unity and strength of being one family was maintained. What is new are the challenges presented to us by today’s world; in education, in families, in the new ways of being and doing of young people, the challenge of building justice, and accepting what is different, contributing to universal fraternity, and the challenge of an ever up-to-date and increasingly inclusive view of the Brothers who invite us to be more and more one Family, the Sa-Fa Family. The General Chapter of 2019 invites us all to seek new ways of revitalising and reorganising the Institute. We are facing a time of grace, a time to make new life germinate in each one of us, in our Communities, our groups, our schools and in all the realities that are part of the Institute. It is a journey that concerns us all, we are one big family spread over many countries and different continents. It is a project of Revitalisation that we want to call the “Sa-Fa Family for the world”.