Sunday 23 October 2022, Mission Day was a special day for the Brothers of the Holy Family in Indonesia: presentation of the new community in the parish of “St. Stephen”, NOEHAEN – AMARASI TIMUR.
The community consists of Brothers Gustianus NIHAR; Alfridon BRIA and Roberto LEMBUNAI. They were accompanied by a delegation of about 15 Brothers from the Kupang Community. The Brothers received a very warm welcome: banners of welcome, dances by the children and the ceremony of giving the “Selenda”, well known here in the welcoming ritual.
The Eucharist took place in the school chapel, which is very large and full. Along with the parishioners, the civil authorities were present to welcome them. The parish priest also thanked the Brothers for their presence. Brother Firmin Tankoano thanked the Brothers for their warm welcome. He recalled the Founder’s wish that part of the mission of the Brothers should be to help the local church. After the Mass, the Community house was blessed.
This was followed by a meal and popular festivities. It was truly a great day.

Brother Firmin TANKOANO