Our school in Savariyar- India
It has been several weeks since the start of the school year at St Xavier’s High School in Savariyar, India. This small school is in the state of Tamil Nadu, in a rural area. The Brothers have been present there since 2015, but it is only since 2018 that we have been running the school. Today, 4 September, was celebrated as Teachers’ Day. There are 170 students enrolled, but only the two upper grades have classes in the classroom. Due to the pandemic the rest have no classes yet. The 4 Brothers and 3 teachers run the school. The absence of classes means that there is no income for the families either, which is a serious problem that affects the salaries of the teachers. Carumanda subsidised the construction of the upper floor and the kitchen.

So far yesterday…

… to today. Congratulations Brothers!