“In communion with the Holy Family”

The Christmas season brings us closer to the events experienced by the Holy Family.

Pope Francis encourages us to receive the graces proper to the liturgy of this time

The Gospel also tells us that “his father and his mother marvelled at what was said about him” (Lk 2:33). Joseph and Mary safeguard the astonishment over this encounter full of light and hope for all peoples. We too, as Christians and as consecrated people, are guardians of astonishment. An astonishment which requires ongoing renewal; woe to routine in spiritual life; woe to the crystalization of our charisms in an abstract document: the founders’ charisms — as I have said at other times — are not to be sealed in a bottle, they are not museum pieces. Our founders were moved by the Spirit and were not afraid to soil their hands with everyday life, with the problems of the people, courageously moving along the geographical and existential peripheries. They did not halt in the face of obstacles and the misunderstandings of others, because they kept in their heart the astonishment over the encounter with Christ. They did not tame the grace of the Gospel; they always had in their heart a healthy apprehension for the Lord, a heartrending desire to bring him to others, as Mary and Joseph did in the temple.  (Homily at the closing of the year of consecrated life)

Lord, you filled the heart
of Brother Gabriel Taborin
with an active faith and an ardent zeal
for the Christian Education of youth
and the help for priests.
Grant us that following his example
we always try to glorify you.
And, if it is your will, glorify your Servant,
giving us by his intercession
the favour that we request: (…)
We ask you this through the merits
of Our Lord Jesus Christ.