Bro. Gabriel used to express himself thus: “if, my dear Brothers, it is true indeed that there where you have your treasure you will have your heart” (Mt. 6, 21) the heart of a Christian, not to mention that of a religious brother of the Holy Family, should often, or, rather, always, be under the humble roof of Nazareth, amidst this austere Family who gathers within itself all the virtues, divine and human” (Circular n. 2, 1847). Following his steps, the tradition at the Institute has emphasized within the Mystery of Nazareth its family dimension: “But it is above all in terms of its being a family that Jesus, Mary and Joseph are the patron saints of this Institute.” (Constitutions, 1882, art. 125)

We pray with Brother Gabriel


God our Father,

you made Brother Gabriel Taborin

feel an intense compassion for humanity’s shortcomings,

and of the culture of its time,

especially in children and young people,

and through your Spirit,

you gave him an educational charism to build man up,

in his social, religious and social dimension,

according to the Gospel;

give us the strength to continue his action today,

with the help of Mary and Joseph, educators of Jesus, your Son,

who at Nazareth grew in age, wisdom and grace.


We ask you, Father,

for the Beatification of Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin,

and for your intercession, the graces we ask for (……).

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.