I consider the “Circulars to the Brothers of the Holy Family” that our Founder was used  to send each year to be Brother Gabriel’s best literary production: his soul, his apostolic impulses, his most pressing desires for the good of the Congregation and of his Brothers appear in them clearly and with a moving force. I collected a series of sentences, some of them well known among us, to accompany our reflection and our prayer to ask for his beatification during this month of July 2021. Some of the “extracts” are a little long; this depends on the text; if a long text had been mutilated, it would not show its beauty enough. I hope that the texts chosen will be for you, Brothers, a moment of serene meditation during the Summer (or Winter for those in the southern hemisphere).  Br. Delio


It is necessary, “Our Dearest Brothers’’., that each one of you put into practice the means given to him, and that he carefully practice the two mottos of the good religious of the Holy Family: state of grace, humility and prayer; God, my Rule and my Superior, then you will spend the year in a holy manner, and enriched with merits by your good works, you will come back with joy on holiday to your beloved house, to gain new strength there. (p. 27).

Prayer for each day.
God our Father, who raised up in the Church the Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin
to promote Christian education, catechesis and liturgical animation,
grant that by sharing his charism,
may we know how to fulfil our mission today for the good of the family and society
with the strength of your Spirit.
And, if this is your will, grant that he be registered among the Saints,
granting us through his intercession the grace we need…
(the names of the persons for whom we wish to pray may be mentioned).
We ask this insistently through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


But you may say that our profession is not attractive according to the world: no fortune to hope for, no fame to acquire; to spend one’s life in monotonous work, to have often for all recognition only criticism or ingratitude, to be constantly subjected to obedience, to have nothing of one’s own, to be dead to one’s own tastes and will. All this is true, but we shall be encouraged when, in a spirit of faith, we consider that it is God’s will that we work, and that his divine Son and the Saints have given us the example. (p. 31-32)

Prayer for each day.


Understand well, O.D. Bros., that the happiest religious is the one who possesses nothing but the grace and friendship of his God; besides, Providence, your Community and good people will take care of you, and you will never lack the things you might need. The world leads those who are animated by its spirit to love and esteem earthly things, such as gold, silver, magnificence…but what are all these false goods! To judge their value in a sound manner, one should go to the bed of a rich man who is about to die. (p..45-43).

Prayer for each day.


The whole life of the religious is a continual prayer when all the movements of his heart are directed towards God, and his pure and upright will acts only for Him. In unity with Our Lord, he unceasingly merits, and unceasingly draws upon himself, upon peoples and sovereigns, the mercies of Heaven. We therefore invite you, O. D. Bros.., to unite yourselves to exercise this pious apostolate. Oh, how powerful is the prayer of the just before God! With it, one can ward off great evils, do great things, touch the divine mercy, open the treasure of graces and the door of Paradise (p.. 365)

Prayer for each day.


If it is true, O. D. Bros., that where our treasure is, there is also our heart, the heart of Christians and especially that of a Religious of the Holy Family should be often or rather always under the humble roof of Nazareth, in the bosom of this august Family which unites all the divine and human virtues. Alone in direct relationship with Heaven, this earthly Trinity…offers herself to our love with a thousand benefits. (p.. 48-49)

Prayer for each day.


Our treasure on earth, O.D. Bros., is our Community; that is how we should regard it. Yes, our Community is your treasure, and you must never lose it through irregularities and sinful slackness, through backbiting and slander, through scandals, through misconduct and other sins which, alas, often bring God’s curse upon Communities. On the contrary, you must guard this treasure with great care… Hold on to it as to your own life, for it will one day merit you the treasures of Heaven. See if your conscience does not reproach you for having neglected the means we have just outlined for preserving your wealth. (p. 304-5-6).

Prayer for each day.


We like to tell you, O.D. Bros., that from our earliest youth, God has given us the grace to love, in a very special way, divine chant and the ceremonies of the Church. Sacred chant has often made the same impression on us as it did on St. Augustine: when he heard it in the church in Milan, his tears flowed and his soul was lifted up to God… We therefore urge you, O.D. Bros., to perfect yourselves more and more in chant. (p.. 321)

Prayer for each day.


The Lord is calling you, through us, to the holy exercises of retreat, beloved Brothers… come to it with religious eagerness, come to it with faith… Come to it to meditate on the greatness of God, to bewilder yourselves with your sins and to deplore your offences… Say to him, like St. Augustine: “O my God, that I may know you, so that I may love you; the knowledge of your greatness will excite, animate and inflame all my feelings. Saint Vincent de Paul also says that a well-made retreat is a complete renewal. He who makes it as he should, passes into another state; he is no longer what he was, he becomes another man. (p.. 341)

Prayer for each day.


We regard the chapel of our Mother House as the fundamental stone without which the edifice of our Society would crumple. Indeed, O.D. Bros., is it not in this blessed place, where J.C., the sovereign Lord of Heaven and earth, dwells night and day, that we are strengthened by the sacraments of Penance and Eucharist, and that, through our humble prayers, we frequently ask him to bless and protect our Society? Spontaneously impelled by the generosity of his heart as a bishop and father, Bishop Chalandon was no stranger to the embellishment of our chapel,  and even more, the venerable and holy Curé of Ars. (p.. 175-6).