To animate these days of prayer through the intercession of Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin, we will take some expressions from the Letter on St. Joseph written by the Pope on the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of St. Joseph as Patron of the Church and some invocations from the Litanies of St. Joseph.

March 16

One hundred and fifty years after his proclamation as Patron of the Catholic Church by Blessed Pius IX (8 December 1870), I would like to share some personal reflections on this extraordinary figure, so close to our own human experience. For, as Jesus says, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Mt 12:34). My desire to do so increased during these months of pandemic. (Patris Corde)

Saint Joseph, help of the Virgin Mary. Pray for us
St. Joseph, who guided Jesus in the journey into Egypt. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, perfect model of obedience. Pray for us

Novena prayer:

God our Father, who raised up in the Church Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin to promote Christian education, catechesis and liturgical animation, grant that, by sharing his charism, we may know how to fulfil our mission today, with the strength of your Spirit. And, if it is your will, glorify your servant granting us, through his intercession, the grace we ask for… (mention the names of the persons for whom you wish to pray). We ask this insistently through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

 March 17

” Thanks to his role in salvation history, Saint Joseph has always been venerated as a father by the Christian people. This is shown by the countless churches dedicated to him worldwide, the numerous religious Institutes, Confraternities and ecclesial groups inspired by his spirituality and bearing his name, and the many traditional expressions of piety in his honor.”

Saint Joseph, who welcomed God as a pilgrim on earth. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, perfect model of justice. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, executor of God’s orders. Pray for us
Novena prayer

March 18

“Joseph saw Jesus grow daily “in wisdom and in years and in divine and human favor” (Lk 2:52). As the Lord had done with Israel, so Joseph did with Jesus: he taught him to walk, taking him by the hand; he was for him like a father who raises an infant to his cheeks, bending down to him and feeding him (cf. Hos 11:3-4). In Joseph, Jesus saw the tender love of God: “As a father has compassion for his children, so the Lord has compassion for those who fear him” (Ps 103:13).

Saint Joseph, who nourished the Shepherd of all men. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, voice of the silent Word. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, father of the Son of God. Pray for us
Novena prayer

March 19

“Just as God did with Mary when He revealed His plan of salvation to her, He also revealed His designs to Joseph and did so through dreams which, in the Bible, as in all ancient cultures, were considered one of the means by which God manifested His will.”

St. Joseph, to whom was entrusted a heavenly treasure. Pray for us
St. Joseph, who ransomed the Redeemer of the world. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, who saved the Savior of the world. Pray for us
Novena prayer

 March 20

“Joseph welcomed Mary without setting conditions. He trusted the words of the angel. “The nobility of his heart made him subordinate to charity what he learned by law; and today, in this world where psychological, verbal and physical violence against women is patent, Joseph presents himself as a respectful, delicate man who, even though he did not have all the information, decided for the reputation, dignity and life of Mary. And, in his doubt of how to do what was best, God helped him to choose by enlightening his judgment”.

Saint Joseph, mighty protector of the dying. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, full of zeal for the salvation of souls. Pray for us
Novena prayer

March 21

 “Many times, reading the “infancy Gospels,” we wonder why God did not intervene directly and clearly. But God acts through events and persons. Joseph was the man through whom God dealt at the beginnings of the redemptive history. He was the real “miracle” by which God saved the Child and his mother.”

St. Joseph, solicitous defender of Christ.
Saint Joseph, head of the Holy Family. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, most just. Pray for us
Novena prayer

March 22

“One aspect that characterizes St. Joseph and has been emphasized since the time of the first social encyclical, ‘Rerum novarum’ by Leo XIII, is his connection to work. St. Joseph was a carpenter who worked honestly to ensure the livelihood of his family. From him, Jesus learned the value, dignity and joy of what it means to eat the bread that is the fruit of one’s labor.”

Saint Joseph, most prudent. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, most faithful. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, model of the workers. Pray for us
Novena prayer

March 23

“The Polish writer Jan Dobraczyński, in his book ‘The Shadow of the Father’, wrote a novel on the life of St. Joseph. With the evocative image of the shadow, he defines the figure of Joseph, who for Jesus is the shadow of the heavenly Father on earth: he helps him, protects him, never leaves his side to follow in his footsteps. Let us think of what Moses reminds Israel: “In the desert you saw how the Lord your God cared for you as a father cares for his son all the time” (Dt 1:31). Thus Joseph exercised fatherhood throughout his life. “

Saint Joseph, lover of poverty. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, protector of families. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, honor of domestic life. Pray for us
Novena prayer

March 24

“St. Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin, has in heaven a very particular credit and power before Our Lord, who can refuse nothing to him who was his foster father here on earth. One must recur to the intercession of St. Joseph when deciding to choose a state of life and obtain the grace of a good death: he had the joy of dying in the arms of Jesus and Mary.” (Br. Gabriel, The guiding angel of the Pilgrims of Ars)

Saint Joseph, protector of the Holy Church. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, Hope of the sick. Pray for us
Saint Joseph, comfort of the needy. Pray for us
Novena prayer