During the month of May we pray with the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph for the beatification of our Father and Founder. The texts on the Virgin Mary are taken from Pope Benedict XVI’s meditation on Mary and from Brother Gabriel’s book “The Way of Sanctification”.  “We do not praise God enough if we do not mention his saints, especially the “all holy one” who became his dwelling place on earth, Mary and St. Joseph the chaste spouse who was called the father of his only Son.  God’s simple and multiform light appears to us in its truth and richness only in the face of the saints, who are the true mirrors of his light. It is precisely by looking at Mary’s face that we can see, more than by any other means, the beauty of God, his goodness, and his mercy. We can truly perceive the divine light in that face”. (Benedict XVI).

Day 1: “At the decisive hour of human history, Mary offered her own person to God, her body and soul as a dwelling place. In her, and through her, the Son of God took on flesh. Through her, the Word became flesh (Jn 1:14)”.
Words of the Founder. “Mary is the mother of our Savior, and after God she must become the focus of our veneration and of our hope”.
Prayer for each day of the novena: Lord, eternal God, light without beginning or end, you have enlightened your servant, Brother Gabriel Taborin, to promote the Christian education of youth, the help to clergy and other good deeds. Teach us, by his example, to contemplate unceasingly your face, to be inspired by your message, and to bear unceasing witness to you, our teacher and benefactor. According to your will, glorify your servant granting us, through his intercession, the grace we ask you (express the intention) … through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Day 2: “The attitude of the Blessed Virgin Mary is emblematically shown in the icon of the Annunciation: the Virgin receives the heavenly message while meditating on the Holy Scriptures”.
Words of the Founder: “Mary is all powerful before Jesus Christ, and having adopted us as her children, she will never cease to intercede with her Son to obtain for us the graces needed for our perseverance and our sanctification”.

Day 3: “Full of grace is Mary’s most beautiful name, the name God gave her to show that she has always and forever been the beloved, the chosen one, the one who was elected to receive the most precious gift, Jesus, “the incarnate Love of God”.
Words of the Founder: “Therefore, let us honor and respect Mary as the most perfect and the holiest of all creatures, blessed and raised above all women, and whom God established as queen of Heaven and earth”.

Day 4: “Mary is a woman who loves […] As a believer who, in faith, thinks with God’s thoughts and wills with God’s will, she cannot but be a woman who loves. Yes, Mary is the fruit and the sign of God’s love for us, of his tenderness and mercy. That is why, together with our brothers and sisters in faith in every time and place, we turn to her for our needs and place our hopes in her in the joyful and painful events of our life. ”
Words of the Founder: “When devotion to the Virgin Mary is perfect, it generates the imitation of her virtues. Poor sinners who have not yet attained this degree of devotion to Mary should not despair, for the Church, which calls Mary the hope and refuge of sinners, invites them to come to her with great confidence.”

Day 5: “Why, among all women, did God precisely choose Mary of Nazareth? The answer is hidden in the unfathomable mystery of God’s will. The Gospel, however, points to one reason: her song of praise says this: “My soul magnifies the Lord…. He has looked upon his humble handmaid” (Lk. 1:46-48). Yes, God was attracted by Mary’s humility and found favor in her eyes (Lk. 1:30). She thus became the Mother of God, image and model of the Church, chosen from among the peoples to receive the Lord’s blessing and to pour it out on the whole human family.
Words of the Founder: To love the Virgin Mary and to show devotion to her is to be marked with the seal of the chosen ones, because it means to love the one whom the Church calls Mother of mercy, Treasurer of riches, Advocate of sinners and Gate of paradise”.

Day 6: “St. Joseph is the foster father of Jesus, the one who educated the Son of God made Man, the one who protected him, the one who nourished him, the one who held him in his arms, the one who shared his life. He is the chaste spouse of Mary, Mother of Jesus. St. Joseph was humble, he always remained in the shadow; even in the Gospel little is said about him. God asked a lot of him, but now? He is a great intercessor before God!
Words of the Founder: “If you ask yourself what practices of devotion you should follow in honor of the Blessed Virgin, here are some: 1st join one of her fraternities; 2nd approach the sacraments on her feasts, honor her in a special way every Saturday, and during the whole month of May with some devotional practices”.

Day 7: “Joseph, husband of Mary, practiced a very humble work. This work as carpenter obliged him to be at the same time perhaps a woodcutter, a blacksmith or a mason. He was righteous before God, eager to please him in everything and to displease him in nothing. His constant occupation was to practice the law of God in order to conform his life to it.
Words of the Founder: “May our devotion to the Virgin Mary be accompanied by great trust in her august spouse. Let us have recourse to him in all our needs and let us be persuaded that, if his love for us is equal to his power, we shall soon feel the effects of his blessed protection, if, in asking for it, we are wise to imitate him”.

Day 8: “On the day of the Presentation in the temple, after the old man Simeon spoke to Mary, telling her that “a sword of sorrow would pierce her heart”, Joseph’s pain would be the same as Mary’s. Like her, he will have a wound in his heart that would never heal. When the Angel told him in the middle of the night to leave for Egypt (to flee from Herod’s fury) with the Child and his Mother, he did not argue…
Words of the Founder: “The Holy Spirit gives the most beautiful praise of St. Joseph in two words, when he calls him the spouse of Mary and the father of Jesus Christ; for what greater thing could be said of him?

Day 9: ” Joseph, shadow of the Father, represents in the home the first authority…. Then Jesus becomes the carpenter’s apprentice. Mary will live longer with Jesus than Joseph, for Joseph will probably die before the beginning of Jesus’ public life.
Words of the Founder: “Let us therefore ask St. Joseph to be our intercessor before his Bride and before our Lord Jesus Christ, to obtain for us the grace to walk in his footsteps, to be like him submissive and obedient to God’s commands, and to have for our neighbor the same love that he had for Mary and Mary for him. Saint Joseph died in the arms of Jesus and Mary; invoke him to obtain perseverance in the grace of God“.