God, our Father, who called Brother Gabriel

to found a Congregation of Brothers and to live intensely in fraternity;

give us your Spirit of love so that we may recognize ourselves as brothers in Jesus Christ,

to live in equality and reciprocity a true fraternal relationship  with those around us,

and thus, build with all the great human family.



Thank you, God our Father, through Brother Gabriel Taborin

who invited everyone to live under the humble roof of Nazareth,

and proposed the Holy Family, image of the divine Trinity,

as a model for the building of every Christian community.

Give us the family spirit and help us to live it and spread it around us.



The life and work of Brother Gabriel are for us today a reason for praise

to you, Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

because he understood the needs of his time: the neglected children, the destroyed churches,

the very fragile ecclesial and social links.

From very early on he assumed his responsibility and dedicated himself with all his strength,

in collaboration with many others,

to promote Gospel values and act concretely to bring about positive change.



We bless you, Father, because Brother Gabriel

knew how to make the charism he received from the Holy Spirit bear fruit

by sharing his project with many others and by multiplying the activities,

so that can benefit  the faithful of the parishes, families,

children and young people, in towns and cities.

Give us today the impulse of your grace to continue to share this same charism

and make it effective in our world.



Brother Gabriel’s great love for the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist

led him to assign his Brothers to the service of the churches

by singing, cleaning and decorating, and assisting the priests,

being a bond of union in the liturgical assembly.

But also by catechising the children in the school and in the parish

to prepare them for the Eucharist and other celebrations.

Father, grateful for all this, we ask you,

for the strength to continue his work in the Church of today

with the grace of the Holy Spirit.



To be a brother and build fraternity was the great gift Brother Gabriel received from you, Father.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, he always tried to form a community

following the model of Nazareth.

His attention to the Brothers and his communication with many people

allowed him to establish a wide network of contacts and relationships

in which he tried to weave a family spirit.

Give us, Father, to know how to form the new family of your children around Jesus,

the new family of your children.



Father, Brother Gabriel’s compassionate gaze, like yours,

towards the children and young people who lacked education and religious formation

led him to send all the Brothers available to him at once

to the elementary schools, orphanages and other institutions

to fulfil their mission as educators, even in distant lands or neglected places.

He asked all of them for this educating gesture

of reaching out to children in order to make them grow,

following in the footsteps of Jesus, who became like one of us, to lead us to you.



Brother Gabriel’s attachment to the Church was deep and vital.

He felt with the Church and his efforts at reconstruction

and his missionary impulse resonated in him the recovery of Christian values in society,

but also the misunderstandings and divisions,

the lack of formation and the alienation of many.

He saw his Congregation as a small boat

strongly united to the great boat of Peter and sharing his destiny.

Give us, Father, a great love for the Church.



Grant us, Father, to live today the Christian virtues and attitudes

with which the first Brothers described their Founder:

“His firm hope and his love of God proceeded from his living and cultivated faith.

From this triple source of faith, hope and charity there grew in him:    

* a tender devotion to the patron saints of the Institute,   Jesus, Mary and Joseph;    

* the spirit of submission to the Church and to its ministers;    

* the pleasure in the ceremonies of Divine Worship;    

* an unyielding firmness in the face of difficulties and his trust in God;    

* a spirit  of prayer the source of all his hope; 

* a burning zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls;    

* a true humility that attracts the blessings of Heaven;    

* Good will towards the repentant sinners  and willingness to forgive injuries…” Amen.