IMG-20170130-WA0010[1]On Saturday 30 January, on sharp at 9pm, the Nazarene Fraternities of Villa Brea, Turin and Favari gathered for a meeting of prayer. The meetings took place in Turin as usual in winter, whereas in summer the meeting is held in Villa Brea of la Longa for the so called “vigil of stars”.

In the chapel of the School we gathered 30 people around the representation in wood of the Holy Family. The prayer followed the scheme of the Compline: initial song, a psalm, reading of the flight to Egypt (Matthew) and the words of the comment of the Pope, a time for personal reflection, sharing, intercessions and finishing with the Canticle of Simeon and the prayer to the Holy Family.

Later we continued with a moment of party, where we shared desserts prepared by some of the participants. It was a beautiful and nice night for all.