On the 11th of August, the celebration of the sending of the four brothers to the new community of Ndona took place in the community of Nita: Brothers Melkisediek Musi, Yustinus Tuka, Stefanus Pas and Benyamin Thundang. Two of them left one day later for their destination and the other two will join them in a few weeks.
The town of Ndona is located near the town of Ende in the centre of the island of Flores. It is the residence of the Archbishop of Ende. Vincentius Sensi Potokota, and the diocesan curia. The archdiocese of Ende has 452,660 Catholics, 80% of the population, spread over 59 parishes in the districts of Ende, Nagekeo and Ngada. In Ndona there are also two female religious communities: the Sisters of the Holy Face SSV and the Sisters of the Imitation of Jesus CIJ.
The community will reside in the premises of the bishopric until the work on the house that will serve as its residence is completed. The Brothers will carry out their apostolate from this year onwards by teaching in the diocesan schools SMK Santo Vincentius and SMPS Santo Antonius, directing the two boys’ boarding schools dependent on them and working in catechesis and liturgical animation in the parish of Santa Maria Immaculata and its three parish stations.