Nanga Tayap it is a small town and parish in the Diocese of Ketapang, on the island of Borneo (Indonesia). In this Diocese, the Catholics are approximately 15% of the population. The first two Brothers arrived in Ketapang on the 9th of August. They are received by the Bishop. A few days later they went to Nanga Tayap, 150 kms. from Ketapang, but it took them 5 hours to arrive. They will reside in some rooms of the Parish. The community now consists of 4 Brothers.

The parish and its 24 stations (small chapels far from the village) have about 9,000 Catholics, very eager to receive the pastoral help of the Congregation, especially in the education of the young.

The mission of the Brothers will consist basically in teaching various subjects in centres of the Church and the work of providing pastoral care to the Parish and some of the stations that depend on it. The priests and parishioners are happy with the present of the community of the brothers at Nanga Tayap. They hope that the brothers will be able to grow and to nourish the faith of the people of this parish.