On 25 November it was held in the Curia General of the Brothers of La Salle the III Meeting of Religious Brothers in Rome. It was organized by the “Tutti Fratelli” Group, and on this occasion it had as a main theme “Brothers: builders of bridges”.

There was a moment for introducing those attending the meeting, presentation of the works of the “Tutti Fratelli” Group, a testimony of lay persons by linguistic groups, a meeting of small groups, a joint celebration and at the end the dinner. Once again it was lived the international fraternal spirit.

We offer a presentation  of the “Tutti Fratelli” Group:

Who are we?

We are a group of Religious Brothers resident in Rome, representatives of various Institutes, who since 2010 have been meeting to exchange experiences and promote some common initiatives.

Our first initiative was a formation program in 2012 for Religious Brothers from eight Institutes dedicated to education.

We continued meeting regularly to share our initiatives, especially related to formation.

In occasion of a first gathering for Religious Brothers resident in Rome held in 2015, we open the group to all Religious Brothers Institutes and for some activities to Institutes with both Brothers and Priests.

At the present, “Tutti Fratelli” (All Brothers) group gathers Brothers from eleven religious Congregations:

St. John of God Brothers
Holy Family Brothers
Brothers of Christian Instruction (La Mennais)
Marist Brothers
Saint Gabriel Brothers
Brothers of Charity
Brothers of the Christian Schools
Christian Brothers
Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy
Sacred Heart Brothers
Comboni Missionaries

We are linked with other Congregations:

Brothers of St. Aloysius Gonzaga
Frères Missionnaires des Campagnes
Fratelli di San Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo
Little Brothers of Jesus
Brothers of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy
Presentation Brothers

And we are all brothers!


By being a visible sign of the gift of brotherhood, we promote our vocation as religious Brothers and a common reflection on our identity and mission in the Church and in the world.


Through our reflection and activities all the Brothers are connected in a global network that promotes our common identity and mission.


1. Deepening of topics of interest for all: new communities; new models of animation and government; new models of vocation ministry

2. Effective contact and linkage with similar groups in different countries

3. Annual meetings “Tutti siamo fratelli” in Rome one day after the Assembly of Superiors General of the USG.

4. Formation program for religious Brothers with specific purposes and objectives: international, multilingual, in Rome, or elsewhere.

5. Website with the basic information of the group “Tutti Fratelli Roma” and with documents related to the vocation of the religious Brother.