As every year, on March 23rd, the meeting of Brothers and Nazarene Fraternities of Uruguay took place in San José, with the participation of 9 Brothers and 40 lay members of Fraternities. The theme was “The Holiness of Joseph and Sa-Fa Spirituality” and was animated by Father Andrés Paredes, a former student of the school. Starting from the image of the Basilica dedicated to St. Joseph, the various paintings by Lino Dineto and the beautiful stained-glass windows of the cathedral, we reflected on the relationship between Joseph of the Old Testament and St. Joseph the Father of Jesus. The personal work and sharing in the different fraternities crowned the day where the authentic spirit of family and Nazarene was lived among all the participants. The beautiful facilities of the Holy Family College of St. Joseph were the appropriate setting, as well as the attention of the Brothers of the Community so that the day could be lived in fraternity.