On 14-15 May, the Nazarene Fraternities of Villa Brea, Turin and Lyon met in the Charles de Foucauld College of Lyon for the annual meeting.

Each Fraternity shared the activities carried out in the academic year which is going to finish. We noted that the family spirit, inherited of Br. Gabriel, is expressed in many ways according to customs and needs where it is incarnated.

We journeyed the meaningful places of the city related to Br. Gabriel. We visited the basilica of Fourvière, starting with the crypt of St Joseph and going on with the upper Church dedicated to Our Lady. The visit was guided by Mr Michel Barbut, expert in history and art in the city of Lyon. Later we visited the small lateral chapel where Br. Gabriel was praying when going to Lyon; a marble plaque reminds it: “Brother Gabriel Taborin, Founder of the Brothers of the Holy Family, came to this chapel in 1827, asking for the advice of the Blessed Virgin Mary and entrusting to her the future Congregation he was about to found.” Finally, we visited the convent of the Jesuits, where Br. Gabriel made his Spiritual Exercises.

On Sunday 15, Pentecost Feast, we celebrated the Mass in the Cathedral of St John. Besides the religious and cultural things, the Fraternity of Lyon invited us for the delicious food of the Lyonese cuisine. A beautiful and kind surprise for the Italian guests.