The 1st Meeting of General Directors of all the works of the Province of Our Lady of Hope (Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil) was held at the Holy Family College in Brasilia from April 4 to 7. About 20 general directors participated, accompanied by some members of the Provincial Council, ASF, CDP and REDE SAFA. The theme of the meeting in charge of Alcino Ricoy Junior revolved around the role of the general director in our works, how to transform events into magical moments, codes of conduct in front of social networks, the importance of communication in the digital age and how to carry forward the work of the last Provincial Chapter on mission. Finally, the challenges of today were deepened in our works. A reflection on Br. Gabriel as a communicator gave clues to take into account in the mission that lies ahead. The new facilities of the school and the welcome that the educational community offered us, gave an adequate framework for good relations and fraternal coexistence in those days. Thanks to the organizers of the event.