DSC_1610On 23 May, they met in Villa Brea (Italy) the Fraternities of Lyon, Turin and Villa Brea. The day was centred on the reflection of the topic: “The encounter of two friends… of God”, Brother Gabriel Taborin and John Mary Vianney, Priest of Ars. Each participant could underline some aspect of this friendship which is good for his life.
During the day, there was a pilgrimage to the different images kept in the house of Villa Brea: the Statue of the Holy Family in the chapel, many relics of the Holy Priest of Ars, the statue of Br. Gabriel in the inner court, the big statue of the Virgin that Brother Gabriel placed in Belley and that the Brothers, after the exile of 1903 brought to Villa Brea, and finally the statue of the Priest of Ars, placed in the most panoramic site of the land.
Friendship reigned in the meeting.