On June 20 and 21, about 30 people from the Teams of the Sa-Fa Brazil Network of 5 Educational Units met in Ibema: Holy Family of Brasilia, Holy Family of Ibema, Holy Family of Itapiranga, Gabriel Taborin of Marau and Fabe of Marau Faculty.

The 20th, Feast of Corpus Christi, began with the Mass celebrated by the local parish priest and the reception with a word from the Provincial, Brother Néstor and the Coordinator of the Titularity Team, Amarildo Bólis to then deal with the administration and accounting of the Network with the participation of the Accountant, Brocco. In the afternoon, with the presence of a lawyer from the University of the region, relevant topics of labour relations in educational institutions were discussed.

The second day, after the celebration of the Word, was devoted to teamwork in line with strategic planning. Thus, the 4 teams worked separately: financial management, communication, pedagogy and pastoral. At the end of the afternoon, in plenary session, each area echoed the synthesis of the objectives of the projects under development, especially for the triennium. They were 2 days of rich reflections and exchange of experiences in order to consolidate the Network projects and to make a more and more integrated work.