Between May 3 and 5, the meeting of the Brothers of the Province of La Esperanza (Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil) was held at the Escuti Institution in Cordoba, with the participation of 28 Brothers coming from the most distant places. This Encounter was animated by the Provincial Council and the theme was, through work in commissions, the elaboration and fine-tuning of what was elaborated in the last Provincial Chapter of July 2018.

Brother Alberto Carro guided the work around the final document of the last synod on young people. It was a time of reflection but also of fraternal sharing and of healthy joy among all the Brothers in addition to listening to the news and information of the progress of the Province. Gastón Pítaro made his perpetual profession accompanied also by his relatives and the young people of the place. On Sunday a good barbecue was waiting for us in the Villa Sagrada Familia to conclude the meeting. Brother Adelsio Delfabro also presented his book on the “Villa Sagrada Familia de San Antonio de Arredondo”.