On 21-22 June, the Nazarene Fraternities of Spain celebrated in Valladolid their annual Meeting.

It is a human meeting, waited for all, which fills us of joy, to see each other one year more, and to share something of our life with whom we share faith and charism.


It is a meeting of formation in which we put in common what we have already reflected in the places of origin. The base text this year, “Gabriel, master of life”, helped us to discover values, virtues and attitudes in our Founder that serve us as reference for our day-by-day.

It is a meeting of prayer whose centre is the Eucharist (celebrated on Saturday). In that, some members of the Fraternities renewed their compromises before Brother Provincial.

One year more, this moment makes us return to our homes full of happiness, of joy, of enthusiasm, of hope, of God… See you soon!

Ana Marta Sanz