Friday 25th June. Fourteen members of the Nazarene Fraternity of Gavà and the Hatikvah Community gathered in the house of Spirituality of Santa Maria de Lavern to enjoy the conviviality that we have been waiting for since last pandemic year we had to give up these community activities. An evening of meeting and prayer in anticipation of Saturday.
The day dawns and we begin with morning prayer to recharge our batteries and face the day’s work and reflection. Reading St. Francis of Assisi we have moments of individual depth in order to be able to share the impressions of each one later in a common sharing. The Eucharist in the evening is the high point of this meeting, in which we place before the altar all that we are and have, as fraternal brothers and sisters who need to share and nourish their faith.
We end the day with what we are so good at… gathering around the table to eat and enjoy a very Mediterranean dinner.
Sunday, a farewell excursion. A literal metaphor for the road we want to walk together. With plains, climbs, descents, wild areas and extensive vineyards. Attentive to everyone; to the one who needs a push or a breather. To the one who guides along the path, to the one who waits for the exhausted, to the one who waits at the top.
With this idea of fraternity we leave. Aware that these intense moments of sharing life and faith are the ones that individually and in community help us to grow as Christians and the Sa-Fa Family.