Yes, they are. As an initiative of the Vocations Commission of the Province of the Assumption, young people from the Sa-Fa communities are experiencing living in a Brothers’ community for a few days. Last year some of them were in India, Ecuador or Colombia. These days in December, 5 of them have been in the Community of Rome. They tell us about it themselves:
“During these four days we have been able to see how the very “heart of the Congregation of the Brothers of the Holy Family” (the Brothers’ General House in Rome) works. We had the opportunity to meet Brothers of different nationalities, as well as the Superior General and Vicar General.
It has been a beautiful experience; to see how they live, the values they have and above all how they have welcomed us (changing their timetables a little and preparing the itineraries for each day to visit Rome).
We were able to share with them the morning Eucharist, breakfasts, a spectacular dinner and a time sharing life, testimonies and singing. Besides that we were able to visit Rome almost in record time thanks to all the indications they gave us.
During these days God was present in each and every detail that marked this trip for each one of us and for that we are very grateful both to the Brothers and to God for this opportunity”.