The traditional national meeting of Nazarene Fraternities of Ecuador, which is held every year, was held on this occasion virtually on the 15th of May. The telematic form did not prevent it from being held with the best attitudes of participation and desire to deepen and grow in Nazarene spirituality. Each Fraternity was in charge of a part of the meeting, which lasted from 9 a.m. to 1.30 a.m. The greeting was in charge of the Coordinator of the meeting.
The greeting was given by the Coordinator of the Fraternities of Ecuador: Mr. Néstor Árcos and by Brother Jorge García who is visiting the Delegation of Ecuador-Colombia. The central theme of this 9th Meeting was developed by Brother Néstor Achigar, from Uruguay: “Life in Fraternity and growth in the spiritual life”. Brother Néstor emphasised the need for self-knowledge, forgiveness in relationships and growth in the human and spiritual life of each member, not only to form each other but also to build the N.F. to which each one belongs.
The process of revitalisation and reorganisation of the Institute will not be possible without the laity, but the laity will not be able to contribute something significant to this process if they are not formed and with a high quality of human, spiritual and charismatic life. To grow is not only to know more, to improve skills, to be more efficient in what I do; it is to assume and live, to let oneself be transformed and transformed, to know oneself and assume, to forgive oneself and forgive, to discover a mission and to give oneself to it”. During the presentation, Brother Néstor used Brother Gabriel and the Holy Family as examples of maturity and growth based on human and spiritual quality and availability to the family and community project.
There was also a group work in which the concrete situation of the Nazarene Fraternities of Ecuador was discussed, sharing initiatives to make each Fraternity grow and strengthen, while also being aware of their fragilities.
The morning ended with the Eucharist, organised by the Fraternity of Puyo, transmitted from the Parish of San Vicente Ferrer in the same city. It was presided over by the Bishop of the Vicariate, Monsignor Rafael Cob. The Eucharist was based on the Holy Family and the homily focused on the virtues of the Holy Family. During the Eucharist, Mrs. Patricia Pazmiño and Miss Narciza Gavilanez, from the Fraternity of Puyo, made their first commitment.
More than 60 people participated in this IX Meeting of Nazarene Fraternities of Ecuador. The words of encouragement and thanks from the Provincial Animator, Brother Jorge, closed the meeting.
We hope that next year we will be able to meet physically and be able to hold the 10th meeting with the warmth of seeing each other, embracing each other and enjoying this experience of brotherhood, from the closeness.