Last year, the Covid-19 health emergency and insecurity postponed the ceremonies for sending the catechists on mission until November. This year, thanks be to God, the ceremonies to send 55 couples of catechists to the three schools of Gelge (15), Imasgo (18) and Namoungou (22) where the Brothers of the Holy Family are working as formators and animators were held on 8, 12 and 18 May.
The Bishops and numerous priests from the respective dioceses of Koupela, Koudougou and Fada concelebrated the Holy Mass, which culminated in the sending out ceremony, with the handing over of the Crucifix and the Gospel.
The catechists were sent by the Bishop to villages in the savannah where there are no priests. There, they will witness to the faith with their lives through work (agriculture and handicrafts) and proclamation.
Also this year, thanks to the collaboration of CamSafa with the Lent of Fraternity of the Diocese of Turin, it was possible to ensure for each couple a cart (produced in the Brothers’ workshops), indispensable for farming, a bicycle and, for the women of Namoungou, the loom for their textile activity. Work is indispensable for the catechists to carry out their mission as each couple has to support themselves through their work.
May the Lord accompany the catechists on their journey of evangelisation at the service of the Church and their brothers and sisters!