Once again the words of Brother Gabriel Taborin resounded: “There is no more beautiful, honourable and meritorious function for those who exercise it with faith, than that of catechist” (N. Guid 892). In these very difficult times for Burkina, the ceremony of sending 26 pairs of catechists on mission, 13 in the catechist school of Gèlgê and 13 in that of Imasgo, caused joy and emotion.
At the end of their formation journey on Saturday 7 May in Gèlgê and Thursday 12 May in Imasgo, a solemn celebration accompanied the ceremony of sending the pairs of catechists with their families.
Also this year, Camsafa was able to ensure the provision of working tools for all the couples in collaboration with the Diocesan Missionary Office of the Turin Diocese, which has been supporting and accompanying us for years in the implementation of this project through Lent of Fraternity. The catechist in Burkina Faso, as in most of Africa, is considered the priest’s right-hand man. He and his wife attend a training school for catechists for four years, at the end of which the couple is sent by the bishop on a mission to a parish where they will exercise their mandate. The diocese provides them with a house and land to farm. The couple will have to live off their work. To this end, they are provided with a plough, a cart, a bicycle and a weaving loom. Truly a sign of hope in the country still so tried by the not easy situation.