The Meeting has been gratifying, a grace of God. From the reading and enlightenment of the documents, some answers have aroused which have enriched our Meeting.

The spirituality of the Fraternities is a charismatic gift, which is manifested in the personal and communitarian, in the diversity and in dialogue. From the charism, we care for specific needs of each of the peoples where we are present and whom we love.

The charism of Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin helps us in personal growth and impels us to be instruments of God, who sends us to build up this world and society. It is not necessary to carry out many changes but just to continue with what we are doing, opening ourselves to the novelty of the Spirit.

The testimony of what we have lived in this Meeting is an evangelizing proposal in accordance with the sensitivity of these times.

A) Looking at the families

1. The family was the way of Jesus, is the way of each person and hence is the way of the Church. The family is the fundamental base of societies. The Sa-Fa spirituality helps us to see the reality with Nazarene eyes, with optimism, with faith and simplicity.

2. The Nazarene Fraternities encourage in the families the Christian life with their testimony, with the daily prayer and with the transmission of values. Their members are for other people references of men and women of faith. We must show the spirituality of the Fraternity wherever we go. The example is the main evangelizing strength.

3. The family is the first school for the children, and where we have to promote the values of our spirituality. To continue instilling and transmitting faith to the children and young people. The love in family, as an important value, is learnt in the love that one receives at home.

4. The family is still the most important in each of our countries and cultures, though individualism is marking the current life. Dialogue is lacking among the members of the families; technologies block and divide.

B) Looking at the Fraternities

1. We highlight the freedom and the own way of each Fraternity according to the context they are living. The meetings help us much: to pray and to share charism with the richness of the diversity of Fraternities and cultures. The Spirit has achieved a charismatic tune despite the different realities in every place of the world.

2. The Nazarene Fraternities are more aware of themselves and therefore want to be taken into account. The Nazarene Fraternities are perceived as “a mustard seed which is growing and expanding.”

3. “I feel we live the links of fraternity, thing that I could not discover in other ambiences of the Church, open door to give birth something to the same level of lay and consecrated people. It helps to generate communities beyond a specific service that is fed of the spiritual. I thank the fraternal deal given in the Fraternity.”

4. Shared mission between Community of Brothers and Nazarene Fraternities. There is a request both in Europe and in America that Fraternities have more participation in the mission of the Institute.

C) Looking at the formation

1. The collaboration of the Fraternity with the Community of Brothers must be mutual. We have to foment joint formation and sharing of experiences. The Brothers and the Fraternities should be one in the experience of the charism.

2. It is manifested in the Fraternities the desire and the need to increase the formation. We consider necessary that the Brothers continue accompanying the Fraternities in the formation.

3. We see the importance of the formation for the spiritual growth. It is necessary that each Fraternity dedicate specific time for the formation. All the members should have the copy of the Plan of Formation and we should publish in the website of the Institute.

4. There are realities very different and opposite. In some Fraternities, they are carrying out formative processes, even specified in the annual projects of life. Other Fraternities have not even accompaniment that may help in the formation and this can debilitate its growth and continuity.

A) Looking at the families

1. To support the families from the Fraternities with the testimony, the accompaniment, the prayer, the work and love, manifested in the generous self-giving that makes each home a Nazareth. To welcome without prejudices the different realities presented nowadays, with the love of the Father and the richness of our charism. To foment in family the Christian values, listening to ourselves in order to go to other families and be able to listen to and accompany, being more humane.

2. To seek alternatives and ways of approaching the different realities that we are facing. From a pedagogy of welcome, we must be present in the youth groups, family ministry, family catechesis, places where we can make people grow in the experience of family. To prepare activities to reach the peripheries (option for the poor), with an evangelical heart.

3. To welcome all the documentation and conclusions of the Synod on the Family in order to study it in the Fraternity and to live it out.

4. To pay attention to seek new fields of inculturation. To live the fraternity wearing the other’s shoes, from their individual differences, where the exchange of experiences and formation favour the welcome and mutual growth. To transmit the Nazarene charism in the area where we see the need to pass from less human to more humanizing conditions.

B) Looking at the Fraternities

1. We need to define the role of the Nazarene Fraternities in the Institute to be able to participate more actively in the spreading of the charism. There must be a bilateral commitment between the members of the Institute and the Fraternities, and there must be an identity and a acknowledgment of the vocation of the Nazarene Fraternity. We must be aware of the place that the Nazarene Fraternities occupy in order to develop the Sa-Fa Family, and the Brothers must support and accompany this growth.

2. To participate in missions where the Brothers are working. The charism is transmitted in each corner of the Sa-Fa Family and must reach each member of the family. Hence, to combine each activity so that all, from different ways and according to our capacity, irradiate Brother Gabriel. To be a model of life of Nazareth in the place we choose to bear testimony so that it may reach the family. To pray for the increase of vocations.

3. Our Fraternities should include among its objectives, to be ferment of new groups that continue the Nazarene charism. To seek new ways to transmit it to the different generations and to attract the youngest to participate in the shared mission, with new languages and activities that involve them. To count on the presence of the Brothers in the periods of formation, and to have participation of some member of the Fraternities in the councils of Brothers. To value the legacy of those Brothers who departed to the Father’s house and whose example marked the way.

4. To think, after so many years of Nazarene Fraternities, What have we contributed to the charism from the experience of lay people and how to systematize it? To improve the communication with the General Coordinating Team, with the Provincial Coordinating Team and the Animators of each Fraternity, according to the Statutes, and to favour a greater dialogue.

C) Looking at the formation

1. To seek common objectives in line with the Church to be dealt with in all the Fraternities from the viewpoint of Nazareth and with the inculturation demanded by each place. To continue with the reading of the Gospel with a prayerful attitude and with Nazarene eyes so that we may be enlightened every day. To welcome the documentation and conclusions of the Synod on the Family to live it out.

2. To attend with fidelity the meetings of the Fraternity. To do the course “After the footsteps of Brother Gabriel” online and to make it available in English. To take advantage of the national and regional meetings to continue with the topics of formation. We suggest having the International Meetings every four years.

3. To try to have more formation, according to the possibilities of the members of the Fraternities, on the life and work of Brother Gabriel. To have at the disposal of the Fraternities the documents of the Congregation, of the Church and the writings of Venerable Br. Gabriel (Opera Omnia). To make a reading of the Founder’s works in company of a Brothers, which would enrich the knowledge of the charism that the Founder wished to transmit to the Brothers. To use also the mass media (computer, new technologies) at our disposal (Website: to share experiences.

4. To put the means to socialize the information of the formation experiences. To publish in the local mass media short articles to transmit the knowledge of Venerable Brother Gabriel and his charism.

Buenos Aires (Argentina), 14 July 2015