DSCF7533From 10-14 July 2015, it was held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the III International Meeting of Nazarene Fraternities.
They have participated in this meeting 150 persons (22 Brothers and 128 lay people) coming from 30 Fraternities of different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Philippines, France, Mexico and Uruguay. The motto was: “The Sa-Fa Charism, a good news in the heart of the family.”
The climate which has reigned all the time was the spirit of family; every greeting, every contribution in the assembly or in groups, the moments of prayer, the moments of rest and the meals were marked by dialogue, joy and fraternity.
The large hall of events of the “El Cenáculo” house was witness to the different expositions: lectures, works previously prepared by the Fraternities, contributions of the groups and free interventions in moments of free assemblies.
The opening to the reality of the contemporary families, the pastoral challenges, the references to the Magisterium of the Church and the references to the Holy Family have centred the reflection on the contribution that we must do to support the family in the places in which we are.
Also, a look to the interior of the Fraternities has led to see the necessity of prayer, the reading of the Word, the formation and the commitment to which each member of the Fraternity is called.
Now it is time to share this rich experience with the rest of members of each Fraternity and to make daily life the reflections and proposals submitted as conclusion.