Last Saturday, February 29, the Pre-Festival was held at the Barcelona School facilities to choose the songs that will represent the school in the Gospel Agora that will be held this year in Burgos.

It was a day full of activities: the prayer of morning, with all the participants and accompanying persons; many intergenerational and inter-group activities and games; the micro-tests, with the nerves that they always bring with them as the time for the performance approaches; a community meal in the school canteen and, after a while of rehearsal and rest… the PRE-FESTIVAL.

The nerves and the desire to “do well” did not leave aside the companionship and the recognition of the merits of others. With a very good atmosphere and eight participants, four from each category, two songs had to be chosen (since the choir of the Sunday Eucharist has, as a prize, the direct participation in the Agora). Finally, the expert jury chose “Los hechiceros” (5th grade of primary school) and the group “Yedini” (3rd grade of secondary school). Joy for some, perhaps a little disappointment for others… but great fraternity and much joy and laughter to complete a great day.

And now, next stage, BURGOS. Over there we meet…