After having lived deeply our Christian commitment, inspired by the Nazarene Charism and the legacy of our founder V. Br. Gabriel Taborin, as well as having shared a year of ongoing formation and community life according to the Life Plan of our Nazarene Fraternity, two new members decided to make their commitment as associate members and seven decided to renew our commitments. The ceremony took place on Sunday 21 February 2021, in the presence of the Assembly gathered for the Eucharist in person and virtually in the Chapel of the College of the Holy Family. Brother Alberto Redondo, delegate of the Brother Provincial received the commitments.
On Saturday 20th February 2021, we held a virtual retreat to prepare ourselves to live our celebration with greater determination and full confidence in God. The members of our Nazarene Fraternity of Ambato, some fraternal brothers from the other Fraternities of Ecuador, as well as our Brother Advisors, made the retreat. The retreat was led by Brother Fernando Cob. The theme of the retreat was: The keys to living in a Nazarene Fraternity. It was a time dedicated to prayer and reflection, both personal and communal, which allowed us to recognise that God has called us, we have accepted His call and we are convinced that He will provide us with the means to faithfully fulfil the commitment we have made.
Certainly we are confident that with the intercession of our founder and the blessing of the Holy Family of Nazareth we will be able to live and share the joy of the Gospel in the environments in which we each live. And that in the future more fraternal brothers and sisters will receive this call and accept the commitment to serve with love for God and neighbour according to the Nazarene Charism.