With renewed hope and joy the first meeting of the year of this Fraternity took place. The meeting took place in Piedras Blanca on March 6th. The Fraternity is made up of 17 members from Aguada and Pocitos. In a setting surrounded by nature, with moments of work, recreation and companionship, the tasks that will drive the dreams to be fulfilled this year were outlined, having as a guide the verb “to humanise”.
We began by singing “Who calls me by my name”, in memory of our dear Brother Héctor, who recently passed away. We worked on the parable of the prodigal son, sharing echoes and reflections that were grounded in our own lives. The motto 2021 “New roads, one family” was also presented, with the aim that each person should interpret it in the light of their personal journey, in the Fraternity and in the Institute.
Rosario Moreira and Álvaro Currais were appointed as coordinators; Graciela de la Fuente as secretary and Elena Jorge as treasurer.
We encourage the rest of the Fraternities to continue discovering the beauty of the Charism that God has placed on the path of life through the Holy Family of Nazareth.