The 3rd edition of the FIIJA was held in Nanoro (Burkina Faso) from 15 to 21 August. The aim of the Forum was to share experiences and strengthen the capacities of state, religious and social actors promoting interreligious dialogue. Behind this initiative is the Holy Family Youth of Apostles, which aims with this initiative to promote “family spirit” among men.

During these six days, six topics related to society, politics, religion, culture and the economy were discussed. There have also been training workshops distributed in groups, as well as including expressions related to art, culture and sport. Participants included a delegation from Côte d’Ivoire and another from Mali.

This Forum has been lived in the midst of the worrying situation in Burkina Faso, which is regularly hit by terrorist attacks of a jihadist nature. Thus, this meeting becomes that moment of machine-gun noise in a voice that cries out for fraternity among men.