On July 7, the Religious Profession of seventeen novices, eleven Indonesians and six Timorese was celebrated in our house in Nita. The entrance procession was opened by a group of boys and girls dressed in traditional costumes and after them the future professed accompanied by their parents and Superiors. The choir was composed of members of the apostolic movement Sons of Zion. The motto chosen for the celebration was “Abide in me that you may bear fruit” (Jn 15:4,16).  The Brother Superior General received the vows.

After the Mass, the usual speeches were given by the main celebrant, Brother Superior General, the local Superior, a representative of the families and one of the newly professed. The celebration continued abroad with a program of performances by some of our students and several groups of children from schools in the area. Meanwhile, dinner was shared, prepared for more than five hundred guests. The festival ended with a series of traditional dances from those islands.