On the 20th of February, the community of the Brothers of the Holy family in the Philippines had a precious occasion of celebrating the final commitment of the Four members of the Fraternity of Nazareth in the Philippines. Mrs. Soccoro Fernandez, Mrs. Donnabel Libadisos, Mrs. Cherry Manuel and Mrs. Arabella Medida had been part of the association since 2012. They collaborate with the Brothers in doing our mission very effectively in the Philippines. They gathered for many meetings and organized many programs for the welfare of the local inhabitants as well as for those in need in different occasions. They are known for their generous collaboration and active participation in our mission.

The celebration began at 3.00 pm in the chapel of the school and the mass was presided by Fr. Micheal (priest from the missionaries of Africa). The members of the Nazareth fellowship were present and some along with their families. There were also some invited religious friends and some of the youth from the Nazareth group. The mass readings and reflections were chosen from the mass of the Holy Family. After the proclamation of the Gospel, animator of the community Br. Dieudonne Sawadogo called for the candidate to do the commitment and they were examined of their readiness to commit themselves by the presider of the mass. And then the mass continued with the litany of the Saints to bless those members to be committed. The commitment as well as blessing of the committed members followed. The commitment and welcoming the committed member were represented by B. Dieudonne as delegate of the Animator General. Welcoming of the committed members occurred with the blessing and wearing of the Scapula and in the same event one member of the Fraternity Ms. Virgina Lebante made the renewal of her commitment and the mass continued normal. After the post communion the Brothers conveyed the messages of Congratulations and welcoming from Br. Edgardo Hugo Campos (Delegate of Philippines), Bro. Nestor Achigar (Deleage of the General Animator for Nazarene Fraternity), President of the Nazarene Fraternity and message of the newly committed members and it ended with some words of thanksgiving to all those who took part in the event. Later the event was followed by the Fraternal banquet in the community of the Brothers of Lasang.