At the end of August, month of holidays, the Brothers and some lay people of the Province gathered in the house of Valladolid to plan the new academic year. Thus, on 25 August, they were gathered the Ownership Team and the Pedagogical Innovation. On Saturday, 26, the Enlarged Council met with all the members of the Provincial Council and the Provincial Commissions. They was also a meeting with all the Superiors of Community.

The summit was the celebration on 27, Sunday, of the Feast of the Province, in which they paid homage to Br. Francisco Javier Núñez (at present in Ecuador) and Br. Alberto Carro (who has been all his life in Brazil), who celebrated the 50 years of Religious Profession. The Eucharist was presided over by Bishop Rafael Cob, Bishop of Puyo, and some 50 Brothers, lay people and family of the Brothers participated in this touching ceremony. A day of fraternity and thanksgiving.