fabe-alunos-com-os-vereadoresOn Saturday, 15 October, some 300 people gathered for a fraternal agape to celebrate together the 15 years of history of FABE (Brazilian Faculty of Education).

On 17 October, the Council of the city paid homage to FABE – Marau, for its 15 years of experience in the academic formation in: graduates, postgraduates, research and extension of Marau.

In its 15 years, FABE has formed 1,500 college students. Most of them have completed one or more courses. Diplomas have been granted to more than 800 licentiates in Administration, Pedagogy, Human Resources and Secretariat, and 250 postgraduates in different specializations.

Several people have received homage: Brothers and lay people, who have participated meaningfully in this process for many years. If to remember is to live, we want to relive the history and update it.