The Brothers and formees of the Community of Nita finished on 4 July the Spiritual Exercises for the preparation for the Profession and beginning of Novitiate and Pre-Postulancy, preached by Fr. Kristogonus Dhogo, SVD, professor of Sacred Scripture in the Seminary of Ledalero. During the celebration of the Eucharist of the last day, Br. Ardomax Sahu, of the Indian Delegation, made the renewal of his vows for 2 years.

In the evening, we had the ceremony of entrance to the Novitiate, presided over by Br. Edgardo Campos, of the Delegation of Philippines. Following the Ritual proper to our Institute, after the readings and comments of the same, and before the questionnaire, we delivered the religious habit to the 19 new novices. Finishing the ceremony, the traditional greetings by the Master of Novices, a representative of the future professed and one of the new novices.

After finishing the Spiritual Exercises, we proceeded with the works of preparation for the religious profession, which will be held on 8 July. Brother Edgardo, helped by some formees, prepared a big mosaic of the Holy Family, which will be placed at the main entrance of the Formation House, in front of the main chapel.