The meeting of Fraternity Animators at National level took place on 7 May, after two years of difficulties due to the pandemic. The meeting began the day before, with the welcoming of the participants and their participation in a meeting/colloquium on the Pastoral Way of Safa Communities and Fraternities, convened by Pastoral and the Fraternity Animators Team. Although attendance was low, and the adult communities were more represented than the youth, the presentation offered a revealing and real vision of the possibilities in the pastoral journey and action, which is being lived in the College of Madrid under the same umbrella of the Safa Family.
On Saturday morning, the meeting of the Animation Team and animators of Spain was held; it was a long meeting, as a result of a long time without being able to meet in person, but it was fruitful. This reunion was very positively valued and the points on the agenda were dealt with: Organisation of Fraternities; Pre International Meeting of June 2022; International Meeting of 2023; National Meeting to be held in October 2022; Dates to be taken into account for the possible programming of annual Retreats for all the Fraternities, renewal of Animators and Animation Team; request for contributions and suggestions to enrich our participation in the Provincial Chapter…
At this meeting we were able to see that the enthusiasm does not wane, that new forms of participation are being sought and, above all, that we are a big family that rejoices in the achievements of all and is saddened by the sorrows of all the members of the Fraternities.
At the end of the meeting we said goodbye to the Burgos delegation with regret that they could not enjoy an afternoon stroll through the centre of Madrid and its typical food.
We thank God because we have met again and we have noted the enthusiasm and commitment of all for the strengthening and revitalisation of our great Sa-Fa Family.