During the last two years, the pandemic has not allowed us to carry out our vocation animation and follow-up and accompaniment meetings properly. On the weekend of February 4-6, we were able to have a vocation meeting with some boys who had shown an interest in learning more about the Brother’s vocation. Fourteen boys from Puyo, Ambato and Guaranda participated in this meeting which took place in the house “Nazareth” in the community of Ambato. It was led by the vocation team of the Delegation, Brothers Nino, Fabián and Daniel. The novice Elvis also helped in some of the activities. The motto of the meeting was: “Come and see”. Already on Friday afternoon, after the welcome and some recreational activities, the first activities aimed at getting to know each other and the Brother’s vocation took place. Saturday was a day of sharing and reflection based on personal testimony and experience. We travelled to Rivotorto, near Ambato, to a community of the Franciscan Sisters of Youth, an Ecuadorian foundation. There, a nun and a married person from their “charismatic family” told of their experience of following their vocation, from the ruptures they had to make to the spiritual and community means they used to discern, discover and follow their vocation. On Sunday 6th, at 9 o’clock, they participated in the Eucharist which is celebrated every Sunday in the College with the “Sa-Fa” families. Afterwards, Bro. Nino presented a reflection on the personality of the apostles as followers of Jesus: each apostle with his or her diversity of temperaments, sometimes conflicting, is called to the Project of Jesus and responds. It was an invitation for each one to review his attitudes and to discover God’s Project for him. The meeting ended with lunch offered by the Ambato community. The challenge for each young person is now to remain in contact with the Brothers. The challenge of the Brothers: to accompany the young people.