What is Brotherhood Day? Every year on Oct 4th we celebrate this feast of Brotherhood in honour of St. Francis of Assisi who is the inspiration to this great vocation to Brotherhood. This year in the community of Eluru (Formation House) have this great celebration on Oct 3rd not on Oct 4th due to some inconveniences in the Schedule of the Formees. In this day we remember the vocation to Brotherhood and What is to be a Brother. we recall our vocation to Brotherhood. This day we started our celebration with the Eucharist. All the Brothers wore the traditional habit and participated in the Eucharist joyfully, thanking for the gift of Vocation to Brotherhood and Prayed for our entire Congregation. We End-up our celebration with the Eucharistic Adoration praying for the new vocations to our Congregation. We choose a sentence for this celebration:  “EACH BROTHER IS A GIFT OF GOD TO BROTHERHOOD”