After losing my father on 2 June 2020, although not to COVID, these are painful moments that you don’t want to relive again. I will never forget that the day before he passed away I was only able to spend 5 minutes with him because of COVID regulations, even though he did not have it.
For my sister and me, the biggest concern is my mother’s wellbeing, so since 11 January my parents have been living with my sister. My mother suffers from parkinsonism in a very advanced stage. But the moment came when we didn’t want to: we recognised that between the two of us we couldn’t give her the quality of life she needed and we had to ask for a place in the Santa Teresa de Jornet Residence, where she was admitted on 30 August.
The month of December was very hard, and it was time to ask for prayers from the community. Both my sister and I prayed for our mother’s health through Brother Gabriel Taborin. The community of Brothers in Burgos joined in this prayer.
What has happened to my mother is an inexplicable event, because the doctors made it very difficult for us. She has recovered, but the COVID-19 has caused her to lose a lot, that is to say, her illness has progressed much further than expected. But the important thing is that she is with us.
I thank God for the presence of my mother, and even more so after what she has been through.
H. Emilio Gutiérrez
Burgos, 13th March 2021