bk_0319On 10 August 2016, at the age of 95 and 46 of kingship as chief of the village of Nanoro, his Majesty Naaba Tigré passed away; he was the highest traditional authority that represents the vertex in the system of govern of the Mossi society, the main ethnic group of Burkina Faso.

It was his father in 1969 who invited the Brothers of the Holy Family, then Br. Provincial Camile Mercier, to go to this village so remotely separated of the country; and this came true on 10 August 1972 when Brs. Philippo Bona, Francesco Mass and Hilario Cob arrived for the first time in Nanoro.

To speak of the fruits of these years is not easy, but we are to mention some: several bore-wells and installation of Volanta pump; construction of an Agricultural school and a Primary school run by the Brothers; the Health Centre run by the Camillian Fathers; the Social Centre for women and children directed by the Sisters of Sacred Heart; aids to the cooperatives of the village: ploughs, wheel-burrows, mills, vans…; canal for the village; barns for the cereal; construction of road Nanoro-Boussé (38km) with some dams for the water; construction of the parish church…

As Mr Naaba Tigré was telling us in every meeting, Nanoro became a model of solidarity and friendship among the people of Nanoro, the Brothers and the Italians in a world where there is not always peace, and here cooperation among people is guaranteed. As a token of acknowledgment, Naaba Tigré, together with the people, decided in 1993 that the first Sunday after Christmas, feast of the Holy Family, became the feast of the village to thank to the Lord this great friendship. Some years later, his nephew joined the Congregation as a Brother, Br. Modest Kondombo.