This year and for different reasons, the Carumanda NGO has changed the geographical place in order to carry out the Summer Project with the help of all the Sa-Fa Family based on the Holy Family Schools of Spain.

Carumanda was working until now and for more than 20 years in the Ecuador Project. This year, due to lack of volunteers and a specific project in Ecuador, a request was given to Carumanda to ask help for the building of 6 rooms as a complement of the School of the Brothers of the Holy Family in Sâaba (Burkina Faso). The need for schooling and a good and fair ratio in the classes (nearly 65 children per class), made the NGO worked for Africa.

From the beginning Carumanda assumed the total cost of the building. Construction has been started and little by little the amount of 70,000 € will be reached.

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