In first plane and next to the Cathedral, the House of the Brothers in Br. Gabriel’s time

The Brothers of the Holy Family have always been present in Belley at No. 33 Savoy Street. After the foundation of Belmont, Br. Gabriel Taborin settled his Community in Belley for long time.

Expelled from France in 1903, the Brothers of Belley were also exiled to the neighbour country, Italy. This circumstance, though with many unforeseen factors, allowed the establishment of the Congregation in this transalpine country. Only few elder and sick Brothers remained in Belley, where they survived for a long period of 35 years, until 1939 when the exiled Brothers could return to France, especially some of them for the World War Second. With the time, the Congregation has developed in other countries of the different continents.



Present house of the Community of Brothers

The houses of the first times have been sold except the part where Brother Gabriel had his room, which is now called “Gabriel Taborin” House. The Brothers built a new house, near Savoy Street, 33. The present Community is formed by 6 Brothers and a lay person, member of the Nazarene Fraternities of Lyon. All of them are retired. Each one, according to age, health and skills, contributes to the construction of the Community and of the diverse communities, near and far.

1Brother Jean Barberat is the local Superior, provincial administrator for France and Treasurer and Secretary of the Holy Family Association.

Brother Nizier Guillot is the eldest of the Community and is in charge of the vegetables garden, cleaning of the green areas and collector of apples in the garden. He is also responsible for the service of wine and still working in the printer press.

Brother Francois Jordan is in charge of the plants of the house and participates in the service of the table.

Brother Michel Bois (1st Councillor) is the sacristan of the chapel (always with flowers); he is member of the Catholic Social Service and helps in some associations of solidarity. He also helps Br. Nizier in the garden and surroundings of the property and collaborates in the archives of the Institute in the Gabriel Taborin House.

Brother Robert Rufier is responsible to promote the Cause of Beatification of the Founder. He participates in the maintenance of the basement of the house and brings the newspaper and periodicals. He is also collaborating in the Gabriel Taborin House.


“Gabriel Taborin” House, at present, where there are the archives and the memories of the Founder’s time

Brother Teodoro Berzal (2nd Councillor) is the sacristan of the Cathedral of Belley; he is responsible of the Gabriel Taborin House and the Centre of Spirituality of the Congregation; he is member of the Council of Ownership of the Schools of the Brothers of the Holy Family in France; he participates in the CCFD (committee against hunger and for development); he animates a group of MCR (Christian movement of retired people) and collaborates in the interreligious dialogue in the region. He participates in the preparation of the liquors, produced and marketed by Kario Society (the Congregation keeps the copyrights of the liquors Kario, Kylon and Stellina); Br. Teodoro is the guarantor of the formula for controlling the quantity of plants for the brewing of these liquors (flowers and diverse herbs).

Brother Yves Maxit, who is very limited, is admitted in a residence for elder people in the hospital of Belley. He contributes with his silent suffering and the Brothers visit him frequently.

4Finally, Mr Régis Malfroy Camine, without being Brother, follows punctually the timetable of the Community and contributes with his competences and service. He regularly works in the preparation and diffusion of the magazine of the Brothers called “Horizons”. He develops his computer skills in the webpage of the Institute. He is member of the Centre of Spirituality and collaborator of Br. Teodoro in the archives of the Institute. In Community, he does diverse services to the Brothers who request for a driver and a taxi. Besides, he is the administrator of the Historical Society of the Diocese of Belley-Ars, member of the parish council of Belley, sacristan and secretary of the parish sector of Rives du Furans, and administrator of the “Orphans of Haiti” Association.


Brothers Jean, Michel, Teodoro and Robert are members of the Holy Family Association. This Association is the connection between the Kario Company, that administers the liquors of the Brothers, the missions of the Congregation and the memory of Brother Gabriel Taborin.

Brothers Jean and Nizier and Mr Régis collaborate in the management of “Horizons” magazine.

6The Community of Belley is thus a community of welcome and service. Its members, free from professional obligations, are always available, within the limits of their possibilities and age, to help voluntarily to the ecclesial and civil communities which require their help.