The Community of Brothers of the Holy Family is settled in St Joseph of Mayo in 1891, 125 years ago, at the request of the then parish priest Fr. Norbert Betancur. The Community first established, as usual in the time, near the parish church, and today Cathedral.

In that place it remainsvista-externa-de-construccion-de-1940-en-calles-asamblea-y-rincon-1 until 1940 where, with the help of former students and benefactors of the Community, a new building is built in the corner of Asamblea and Rincon Streets, some metres away from the Cathedral.


En 1956 le Collège, jusqu’alors “Saint-Joseph”, est désormais nommé “Sainte Famille”. En 1964 on construit l’édifice du Juvénat, destiné aux garçons de 10 à 11 ans, continuant le processus de discernement de la vocation, tandis qu’ils poursuivent leur éducation formelle.

In the 40’s it is established in St Joseph a Pre-Aspirancy, destined to the children from 8-9 years old with some vocational interests, continuing with their formal education and giving to this foundation a vocational nature. Nearly 20 Brothers have come out from this area.

In 1956 the School, until then “St Joseph”, starts being called “Holy Family”. In 1964, it is built the Aspirancy building, destined to children from 10-11 years old, continuing the process of vocational discernment and the formal education. In 1955,2014-04-21-2 the School starts the courses for the first year of Secondary, building also a place for the Intermediate, which was blessed three years later.

Within the evangelizing, educational and creative spirit of the Brothers, that they assumed and carried out in the different works both in the construction and the animation, we can highlight some Brothers: Br. Denis Pionchon (founder), Br. Ferdinand Gonzalez, Br. Prosper Cabrera, Br. Anselm Frave, Br. Honorius Voisin, Br. Placid Carreras, Br. Ernest Gamba, among many others.

A community always attentive to the needs, not only of the educational institution but also of the environment: it built in the years 80s – 95s a sports centre for the service of all, as it is written in the place: “Place of encounter for a great family”.

Likewise, in the year 1995 it is created the courses for the second cycle of Secondary. This cycle is oriented, later on, by a Cooperative of Teachers: Pre-University Institute (IPREU).

Until 2010 the School had a Brother in charge of the General Direction. Later, such function was rendered by a lay person.


The Brothers who form this year the Community in the School are: Br. Javier Gonzalez, Br. José Mario Dipace and Br. Alejandro Salvatierra; the three are born in St Joseph of Mayo.

p1140364pentesostes-49The Brothers dream to be this year salt, light and fraternity. We collaborate in the catechesis and pastoral of the School and in the missionary activity.

In the Parish we collaborate in the ministry of hope, liturgical animation and catechesis of adult people. Likewise, we also participate in the provincial animation through the Directive Provincial Council, the Provincial Administration, the Cause of the Founder, and also in organisms at a diocesan level.

In 1995 we started the first Nazarene Fraternity thanks to the generous response of those who were invited. At present there are three Fraternities, with some of the members with compromises.


The School has been always a place of reference for the community and the people. This year we welcomed in our premises a big number of people who were affected by the flood. Today, after the families returning to their homes, a group of young people continues collaborating with those families alleviating their basic needs.actividad-catequetica-5o-ano-primaria

We are trying to install in the town a statue of the Holy Family as a thanksgiving remembrance to the 125 years of the presence, as a reference of our institution and for the inhabitants of the place.

un-momento-en-la-celebracion-de-la-colegiadaFrom its presence, the School is committed with the needs that may have appeared, giving a vision of faith and the social commitment and nearness. “Sowing Nazareth” is the motto which animates this year our task while celebrating the 125 years of presence and acknowledgment.