The Community of Brothers of the Holy Family established in Sigüenza in September 1960. The Community was founded as Formation House for Postulancy and Novitiate. The land is in the outskirt of Sigüenza. It is known as “El Bosque” (The Forest) in the immediate valley to the castle and the cathedral of Sigüenza.

F 1In 1977 the Brothers thought to build a new edification for the novices and the formators. The construction of the new house started mid-1977 and concluded in February 1979. This new house has 25 rooms and 2 guest rooms. It has a beautiful chapel. It also has a community room, classrooms, library, conference hall and a big dining hall with a nice landscape. This new building is adapted to the landscape with its two apparent floors in a true harmonization with the mountain and the garden that surround it.

The Brothers were occupied in the formation of the formees but also collaborated as teachers in some of the educational centres of the town.

From 1980 it is noted a crisis in vocations, with the reduced number of aspirants. As the Novices were not filling the house, the Province uses the house as a place for the Provincial Chapters, refreshment courses for the Brothers and a place for vocational meetings.

The old house was restored as a hostel “Nazareth” for the welcome of Christian groups for get-togethers and youth camps. Because it is near the city of Madrid, our School uses this house for having some pastoral activities.

At present the House of Sigüenza is used for carrying out the Ongoing Formation of the Teachers of our Schools in Spain and Meetings of Brothers, catechists, Christian communities, etc.



F 2The present Community is formed by Brs. José Luis Izquierdo, Camilo Tamayo and José Luis Parra.

We live and develop as Community the values of our charism: an apostolic, lay presence in the local Church and the family dynamism of the mystery of Nazareth.

In the Parish we participate in the liturgical animation and in the catechesis for children of First Communion.

We also carry out some mission of volunteers in Cáritas.

We participate in the Religious Life of the Diocese: Retreats, moments of prayer.

Mainly our mission is to welcome the groups that come to the House and the Hostel ‘Nazareth’, the Brothers who come for Retreat and other Brothers.

I cite here the diverse kinds of Meetings that are held in the House of Sigüenza. There are very varied and of different nature: meetings to prepare the Christian camps of summer, meetings of Carumanda related to the Ecuador Project, meetings of Christian communities, meetings of teachers, managers, catechists, Fraternities, non-staff members, youth celebration of Easter, camps, meetings of Brothers for ongoing formation and for Spiritual Exercises.

Meetings that served to the Province to form a mentality of shared mission, F 3service, commitment and solidarity especially with the neediest and the update of our Educational Communities, in all related to the charism of our Founder. We can say that the house of Sigüenza is contributing to create the new awareness of Sa-Fa Family.

In the ‘Nazareth’ Hostel we also welcome groups of parishes from the dioceses of Guadalajara, Alcala and Madrid, who come to have their meetings.

Another important activity of the 3 Brothers of the Community is to keep clean and beautify the exterior of the house. The land is very big and needs care every day. Activities such as watering and planting, cutting grass, pruning trees, collecting leaves, etc… that is, to try to keep the land and the houses as welcoming places.

F 4







We are known in the town as the Brothers of El Bosque. Some of our aims in this sense are:

F 5

To bring community testimony of fraternity in the town.

To feel ourselves as members of the parish community. As it was the desire of our Venerable Founder, our community strives to be open to the ecclesial reality both in parish level as in diocesan level. In this sense, the members of the community participate in the liturgical and catechetical activities of the parish. Every day we participate in the Eucharist of the Parish St Mary.

We have good relationship with the priests of the town and with the consecrated people of Sigüenza.

At a diocesan level, we are present as Community is different meetings or encounters, scheduled by the dioceses, parish or religious. We are also present in the ecclesial moments of prayer for the vocations, missions, unity of Christians and activities of the Year of Mercy.

Our house is in full availability for groups and parishes for meetings and get-togethers.