On 5th of January 1950 it is established in Corcega Street the first Community in Barcelona. The Brothers opened a small school and their relation with the St Mary of Grace Parish made them famous in the neighbourhood.

The School grows and then it is built a new Holy Family School in Diagonal Avenue, 351, inaugurated in 1955. During the academic year of 1955-56 the Community has 14 Brothers. In the School there is capacity for 600 students.

In 1956, the Brothers bought a big land in the neighbourhood of Horta and in the year 1965-66 starts the St Joseph School of Horta. From 1960-61 it is formed the new Community of 10 Brothers.

1In 1965 the School of Diagonal becomes small and is joined to the School of St Joseph. Nearly all the students of Diagonal came to Horta and then the School reached 1,435 students in all the courses. The Community that carries out the activity is formed by 33 Brothers. All the areas of teaching are carried out and even many other activities.

In the same school compound, it is formed the Community of La Torre, which runs from 1975 until 2013. A Community for Scholastic who worked in the School and continued their formation. In 2013 this Community joins the Community of the School.                                             –


2The Community of Barcelona presently is formed by: Br. Longinos Palomo (Superior and Chaplain), Br. Juan Maté (Headmaster), Br. Emilio Gutiérrez (Administrator), Br. Julio Santillán, Br. Eleuterio Romero, Br. Luis Flores, Br. Luis Javier Miguel and Br. Ricard Gómez.

Out of 8 Brothers, three are retired. The age of the other Brothers is between 29-64.

According to our Community Project, we aimed at: revitalizing our spiritual life, faith, sacraments; living a more genuine fraternity; being a meaningful Community in the School and surroundings; and living the Nazarene values in union with the local Church.


The School has more than 100 teachers and 1,835 students.

The Brothers collaborate, each according to his possibilities, in all the tasks of educational and pastoral field.

5The three retired Brothers also collaborate with their testimony and dedication in the tasks of the School. Brother Julio is in charge of opening the school gates and people find the best smile; he is also in charge of the Nazarene Fraternity. Brother Eleuterio with his skill for drawing and design creates the covers of the publications made during the year in the School. And Br. Longinos, chaplain of the School, celebrates the Sunday Mass, the Sacraments and other school celebrations.

The other 5 Brothers share responsibilities in the School with educational, pastoral and animation activities.

3Brother Juan is the Headmaster of the School and teacher; he is also animator of a youth community and collaborator of pastoral. Brother Emilio is in charge of the administration of the School and teaches maths to the “elder” students. Brother Luis Javier is class teacher and teaches in secondary and intermediate; he is also an animator of a youth community. Brother Luis Flores teachers Spanish and Religion in secondary and intermediate; he is collaborator in pastoral and animates a group of First Communion. And finally Br. Ricard Gómez is class teacher in primary and coordinates the catechesis of First Communion; he animates several groups of adolescents and a youth community; he is also in charge of animating the liturgy on Sundays.

4The Sa-Fa Horta School offers many activities: academic, pastoral, sports, cultural and solidary, in which the Brothers are present, not only physically but also taking up some responsibilities and commitment to support those who from their work (teachers, trainers, coaches, monitors of activities) and from their faith (catechists, volunteers of Carumanda) try to follow the work that Brother Gabriel initiated.

The shared mission and the shared charism is cared to form an Educational Community through the joint formation of Brothers and Lay persons.


The Community and the School are a small portion of the big Archdiocese of Barcelona. From the lowliness we feel ourselves Church thanks to the collaboration in the parish of Horta. Once in a week we attend Mass in the nearby parish of St Marcel, celebrated in Catalan language; we also pray the Liturgy of the Hours in that language on Tuesdays. The use of both languages (Spanish and Catalan) helps to identify ourselves with the multicultural society in which we live.

In our School every year increases the cultural diversity of our students; as a Centre we opted for the attention to the diversity, helping particularly to those students with more educational needs. Our School dining hall is becoming also a place of inculturation since we have to respond to the culinary petitions of the parents because of their religion (Hindu or Muslim, especially).