On Friday, 8 July at 00.00 hrs was held the Closure of the X Sa-Fa Olympics with a dinner in the garden of the School of Turin. They participated 250 students from Spain, France and Italy and some adults: families who welcomed the students and some parents coming from Spain and France. After the dinner, we proceeded with the deliverance of the awards and the flag to the Holy Family School of Gavà that will host the next Olympics in 2020.

The success, according to the participants, was excellent in the organization and in the climate created: friendship and fraternity in a true family spirit which characterizes our ambiences. The merit is for the group of parents and teachers of the school who worked during more than one year to prepare the event.

An especial applause to the children of AnimaSafa, all the students of the School of Turin, who animated with warmth and art the ceremony of opening and closure of the Olympics, and other non-sports moments. Of great success was the mascot who represented Br. Gabriel. On Saturday morning, in the farewell of the delegations, there was a climate of sadness among the students and a big sense of belonging to the great Sa-Fa Family among adults, parents and other people.